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Snack list for peanut free foods:


August 28, 2013
Dear Spring Street Parents:
Spring  Street  Preschool has now officially become a Peanut Free School. Many of you with older children in school will be familiar with this protocol as unfortunately this has become a common food allergy.
One of our preschool children has a severe food allergy to peanuts, as does the daughter of one of our teachers.  We are distributing this letter to the parents to help you understand this situation and to help foster a safe, worry–free school year for this child and her parents.
This student’s allergy can be life-threatening and she carries an Epi-Pen at all times. We need your help in maintaining a peanut –free environment in the classroom and ask that any classroom snacks or children’s lunches that you send be peanut free. The snacks that we provide for children each day will be peanut – free as well. Most labels include all allergens in bold print under the list of ingredients. Please keep in mind that the allergy can be triggered not only by directly eating or coming into contact with the allergen by also by exposure to foods that have been processed on the same equipment. If you are sending in any type of classroom treats to share, kindly notify the teachers in advance so that arrangements can be made to insure the allergic student has a safe snack or treat.
We want you and your child to understand that the student’s allergy can be triggered even by ingesting or exposure to very small amounts of peanuts. We will discuss with the students ways they can help keep the classroom safe, such as always washing hands after lunch or snacks and not bringing snacks with peanuts.
The staff of Spring Street Preschool realizes that helping us to maintain a peanut – free classroom takes a certain amount of effort and diligence on your part, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe, healthy environment for all of our students. If you have any questions please feel free to speak with Dolly or one of the teachers.


We will be posting information on our website with links to websites that list safe snacks for kids. More information will be forthcoming as parents share lunch/snack ideas.




Spring Street Preschool Staff