Weekly Newsletter – 10/21/13

This week the temperatures plummeted but we still had fun playing in the new sandbox, setting up a little outdoor kitchen, and cobbling together a mini campsite under the swing structure. Inside activities included creating a dragon head for the new castle, putting up the stone castle walls, finger-painting, and acting out children’s journal stories.

The younger preschoolers also created their very own facial self-portraits (which are now hanging in the hallway and in the star room if you’d like take a peek) and the older children painted their feet and hands to create foot and handprints for their all about me books. (I heard that the paint was cold and squishy! Perfect for Halloween.)

Speaking of Halloween, the teachers invite the preschoolers to dress up in their Halloween costumes on Thursday for a special festive day involving a walk through town. Who knows? We might even spot a witch or two!

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