“When Maggie first started at Spring Street she had never been away from Bill or I for more than a few hours. In these past two years she has blossomed and spread her wings. She has learned to be comfortable with adults and children outside the home, navigated friendships, and embraced new experiences. She has felt safe and loved. She has tried new things. She is feeling confident in her abilities,  she can speak up in groups, she feels pride in her independence and growth.

Throughout her experience at Spring Street, you have always thought about her needs, her preferences, and her behavior in a rich context of understanding – understanding about children, education, our family, children’s development, their interactions, and her. I have appreciated your insight repeatedly. I have admired how present you are, both with the children individually, and with their families.

Spring Street has become a part of our family, and a place where we all loved to come and feel welcomed and valued.

Thank you for your dedication to making Spring Street a place that values and affirms children!”

Bill and Deb Leonard



“Spring Street Preschool has been a home away from home for our kids. My son Owen was there for 2 years and my daughter Hallie for 3. The teachers there are amazing, loving, nurturing and encouraging! We truly feel blessed to have found Spring Street Preschool.”

Courtney Platt


“Spring Street Preschool has been a place of nurture, fun, friendship and blossoming spirits. Our daughter Grace emerged from her two years here as radiant, excited about school and confident in herself. Thank you for your love and all that you do to make this school an integral part of the foundation for  young lives.”

Jillian and Jenny Kate Marble