Our Classrooms


Our schedule allows for a balance of mixed age groupings as well as age-based groups. We function as one school but divide into small groups for various activities and projects throughout the day. Children can choose to spend time in the Star RoomHPIM8733HPIM8734 where we have the block area, group and lunch times as well as various art and science based activities. The Sunshine Room103_0347 is our art studio with painting, craft, constructions and inventions with recyclable materials available. The Rainbow Room is where make-believe play really takes off – with a loft, dress up and kitchen areas. The rainbow room also contains our extended book area which is always open to kids. Siblings spend time together if they choose to with Morning meeting, snack and lunch with the 
103_0422whole group. We find that children benefit from friendship development across all age groups. Our afternoon group is smaller with a maximum of 10 children for rest/afternoon program.  Our teachers work to guide a flexible and supported transition from home to school with particular emphasis on the first school experience. We warmly welcome and encourage children’s exploration and play.


Spring Street children enjoy a rich and varied environment as a setting for community building, child-centered exploration, creative arts, guided friendship/social skill development and literacy learning.



Our program supports diverse areas of development. Science and math concepts are evident in our focused small-group projects. Teachers work closely with children to encourage and support  friendship development and social skills such as including others in  play and  communicating effectively with peers. Spring Street Preschool  provides an exciting and enriching environment where your child can learn and grow every day.

Daily Schedule

8:00: Early Arrival
8:30 – 8:45; Arrival/ Morning Circle, job chart assignments, story or song
9:00 -9:45 ish – Free Choice Time/Project work
10:15: Snack – children prepare and set up food
10:30: Small groups – journal story writing and sharing time
11:30: Outdoor Play
12:15:-12:45: Lunch then dismissal of morning program children
1:00 – 2:15: Quiet/Rest Time
2:30: Snack
2:30-4:00: Indoor activities /Outdoor playtime
4:00: Full-Day Program concludes
5:30: Extended-Day Program concludes