Teaching Philosophy


We see the child as capable, creative, strong and social. From the moment of birth, a child’s learning is embedded in relationships. We support this transition from family to preschool community by Minolta DSC creating  a bridge from family to school and establishing a feeling of community.

Teachers will:

  • plan settings that incorporate order, beauty and a wide variety of materials to build, explore, experiment and create.
  • recognize that children “construct” knowledge about the HPIM8747world through the experiences provided for them. Children are 26082534challenged through collaborative projects, inclusive play and learning to become a contributing member of a community.
  • teachers reflect a caring commitment to children through sensitive listening, reflective dialogue and collaboration.
  • teachers will foster and encourage children’s unique talents and interests.
  • teachers gently guide children to their own solutions to conflicts.
  • encourage children to negotiate diverse beliefs and understandings to facilitate meaning-making.
  • open up wider ways of understanding the world by fostering a capacity for inquiry.
  • encourage critical thinking.
  • co-explore learning experiences with children, re-experience the world and renew their own curiosity to provoke ideas and spark children’s questions.
  • teachers understand that children “learn by doing”


  • document children’s work in order to bring the child’s thoughts and evidence of their work (constructions, stories, artwork) back for further reflection.
  • utilize meeting /group times for sharing and community-building and set a tone by modeling an open system of communication supported by an ethic of caring.
  • plan in-depth projects with children that emerge from their interests 103_0562and ideas but shaped by what teachers think will contribute to the children’s growth.
  • recognize that play is the work of children and their ideas, constructions, creations and words are to be respected, treasured and used as the starting point for a challenging learning experience.
  • communicate to parents, and colleagues the wonderful discoveries events and happenings that take place in the daily lives of children through learning stories, newsletters, children’s writing journals and daily conversations with families.